Barcode & Label User Interface

Barcode & Label is generally a one screen app with a label design canvas at the center of the screen. Located on the left and upper part of the canvas are two rulers that are used to measure the size of the canvas in inches or centimeters. The ruler will automatically expand or shrink in size according to the current zoom factor. Icon buttons for carrying out different tasks can be found at the top and bottom part of the screen.

The most fundamental aspect of using the app is about creating objects. This is illustrated in the screenshot below. All the objects that can be created are located at the center and bottom of the screen. To create a Rectangle, simply tap or click on the Rectangle object. The button will change into dark blue color to indicate that it is selected. Next click the mouse or tap your finger on the label canvas and drag around to define a rectangular size. When the mouse/finger is released from the canvas, a rectangle will be created. The object produced is decorated with handles for the purposes of resize and rotation. A handle in dark green color indicates that it is ready for use while a handle in white color indicates that resize or rotation is currently unavailable.