Barcode & Label Process Overview

This section focuses on the basic steps required for using Barcode & Label to create labels, cards or tags. The following screenshot illustrates a general overview of the usage process. It typically starts with selecting a label stock template as shown on the left, followed by creating the objects for the label canvas as shown in the middle, and finally printing of labels as shown on the right.

The template selection step can be carried out easily as Barcode & Label's Template Database comes pre-loaded with over 900 label stock templates, including templates of many well-known brands such as Avery, MaySpies, APLI and HP. If you are unable to find a label stock from the database, you can easily customize from existing templates to create a new one.

Process Overview

For label designing, a full WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) designer with drag-and-drop capabilities, multi-objects selection, undo and redo, rulers and zoom is provided. With an elegantly simple user interface, you will be able to create a label in a matter of minutes.

After designing the label, you can preview and print them as shown on the right hand side of the screenshot above. The app automatically prefills the template with the label design and provides functionality to change the number of labels or pages to be printed.