Barcode & Label Overview

The necessary steps of using Barcode & Label involve creating a label from the stock database, creating objects such as barcode and text, changing the object's properties, and previewing and printing the labels.

The stock database comes pre-loaded with over 900 label stock templates, including templates of many well-known brands such as Avery, MaySpies, APLI, and HP. If you cannot find a label stock from the database, you can easily customize from existing templates to create a new one.

For label design, a full WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) designer with drag-and-drop capabilities, multi-objects selection, undo and redo, rulers, and zoom is provided. With an Elegantly Simple user interface, you will be able to create a label in a matter of minutes.

During printing, the app automatically prefills the printout with your label design and provides functionality to change the number of labels or pages printed.