Setting up the Barcode Fonts for other applications

The Open Type barcode fonts in ConnectCode Barcode Software can be used in different applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, and Apple iWorks. You can follow the steps below to set up the barcode fonts in your macOS Fonts folder. This also enables other applications to see the fonts and use them easily.

  • Open Finder and click on 'Applications' in 'Favourites'.
  • Hold down the control key and click on 'ConnectCode Barcode Software'.
  • Select the item 'Show Package Contents'.

  • Browse to the 'Contents -> Resources -> BarcodeFontsSource' folder.
  • Copy all the files (Open Type fonts) in this folder to your '<username>/Library/Fonts' folder. Please note the Library folder may be hidden. Use the Finder -> Go -> Go To Folder option, and enter "~/Library/Fonts" and click on the Go button to access the folder.
  • Restart your Mac, and the fonts will be ready for use by other applications. For example, you can launch TextEdit -> New Document. Click on the menu Format -> Font -> Show Fonts -> All Fonts option to see the barcode fonts ("CCode...") available.