Selecting objects and changing object properties

You have learnt how to create objects on the label canvas and gain an understanding of Page and Label. Next, we will illustrate how to select and change object properties easily. Barcode & Label is a WYSIWYG tool, so in general, you will be able to apply the concepts of a traditional WYSIWYG software in the app.

To select an object, you can simply tap or click on an object. This tapping or clicking will also automatically de-select existing selected objects. Another way to select objects is to use a marquee. If you tap or click on the label canvas and drag around the canvas, a temporary rectangle will be drawn to show the area selected. Simply release the mouse or your finger when the rectangle overlaps all the objects that you intend to select. In the screenshot below, the gray rectangle is the marquee (produced by dragging with the mouse or finger) used to select both the rectangle and the ellipse object.

After selecting objects, we will usually be interested to inspect or modify their properties. If you are using the mouse, you can simply double click to launch the Properties flyout. If you are using a touch device, you can tap on the Properties button at the lower left corner of the screen. The button is shown below for your reference. It will be useful for you to remember this gear shape properties button as you will be using it very frequently throughout the label design process.

The screenshot below shows how a flyout looks like. Depending on the object type that is selected, a different flyout will be shown. The picture below shows the Shape Properties flyout associated with an ellipse object when the gear shaped Property button is clicked or tapped on.