Labels with Variable data

Note - This tutorial also applies to the Poster & Flyer app, Greeting Cards app, Scrapbook app and the Envelope & Address Print app

Up to now, we have discussed placing objects such as a barcode, rectangle or text with static data on a label. Barcode & Label also supports labels with variable data. These are labels that contain data-linked objects that is prefilled with values only at print (or preview) time. Both the Text and Barcode objects support variable data and the list of variable fields that are implemented are given below.

  • Contact : Name
  • Contact : Personal Email
  • Contact : Work Email
  • Contact : Mobile Phone
  • Contact : Home Phone
  • Contact : Company
  • Contact : Work Phone
  • Contact : Home Address Street
  • Contact : Home Address City
  • Contact : Home Address State/Province
  • Contact : Home Address ZIP/Postal Code
  • Contact : Home Address Country/Region
  • Contact : Work Address Street
  • Contact : Work Address City
  • Contact : Work Address State/Province
  • Contact : Work Address ZIP/Postal Code
  • Contact : Work Address Country/Region
The variable fields above are prefilled with data from the contacts located in Microsoft People's app during print (or preview) time.

For example, if you are designing a label that requires the Name of contacts from the People's app, you can simply create a Text object with the field "Contact: Name". The screenshot below shows how you can achieve this.

After creating the Text object with the contact's Name field, you can setup the list of contacts to be used for printing. This can be carried out by tapping or clicking the Import Contacts button from the top Ellipsis.

The Import Contacts flyout will be launched to import contacts from the People's app.

Simply tap or click on the Select button to import contacts from the People's app.

When the selection is completed, you can proceed to tap or click on the Preview button and you will notice that the names of the contacts will be automatically populated in the label layout.

At this point, it is important to recap that setting up a Label with variable data involves two steps: adding an object with a variable field and importing contacts from the People's app.

The printing of a label with variable data also requires more attention. For example, if you have a page with 15 labels and have selected only 5 contacts, the remaining 10 will be left blank and unutilized. It is possible to replicate the 5 labels to the rest of the page to avoid wastage of labels. You will basically just need to adjust the "No. of Labels" option in the Preview page. If you set "No. of Labels" to 15, the data from the 5 contacts will be repeated 3 times to fill up all the labels in the page.

Alternatively, you can print only 5 labels, and leave the remaining 10 labels unused. In the future, you can feed this partially printed label stock back to the printer and specify the Start Position as 6 in Preview to start printing from the sixth label. This will allow you to utilize the unused labels.